ACT Education Solutions launches the GAC program in Japan

Tokyo, Feb 24, 2016: Japan Global Education Gateways (JGEG) became the first and only authorized representative of AES in Japan at a GAC launching ceremony witnessed by more than 30 representatives from high schools and education organizations.

During the ceremony, AES’s Group General Manager, Andrew Todd, appointed Tien-Shi Chen, Itsuyso Momoki, and Sanada Yukimitsu as special advisors to AES in Japan.  These three highly respected Japanese experts will advise AES on how to ensure the GAC is best positioned to serve Japanese students.

According to JGEG’s President Tamayo Otsubo, this international program will benefit Japanese students intending to continue studies in-country as well as those preparing for study abroad. “Japanese students will benefit a lot from the GAC, whether they choose to study overseas or to study in Japanese universities. Seeing the GAC successfully delivered in so many countries, I am confident that the GAC will be equally successful in Japan.”

Group General Manager Andrew Todd agrees “By successfully completing the GAC, Japanese students will fully equip themselves with the skills and competencies that are necessary for success in tertiary education and in their careers,” said Mr Todd.

“Data from GAC pathway universities indicates that GAC graduates outperform other college students. I am sure that the GAC will also help Japanese students stand out from their peers. ”

The launch marks another milestone for ACT Education Solutions, Limited (AES) in its mission of helping international students “prepare to succeed”.