Where can I go to university?

The Global Assessment Certificate™ (GAC) program is an internationally recognized university preparation program for students who want to study at a university that uses English as its language of instruction. GAC Pathway Universities are located in Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, Thailand, the United Kingdom, the United States and Vietnam. However, with the GAC you can apply to any university. Many GAC graduates have been accepted into non-Pathway Universities.

Some of the universities in the United States that recognize the GAC offer credit points for an undergraduate degree, and a number of them offer scholarships which can significantly reduce tuition and living expenses.

When you successfully complete the GAC, you will be able to apply to any one of the GAC Pathway Universities, subject to meeting their individual requirements. Each university has different entry levels for GAC graduates, including English language and academic minimum requirements.

Photo of Zong Huang

GAC Graduate from Tangshan Foreign Language School, China. Currently studying at University of California, Berkeley

For further information about Pathway Universities including their entry requirements and how to choose a suitable Pathway University, go to Find a Pathway University.

Some of the GAC Pathway Universities worldwide

Cambodia Zaman University RMIT University Sim Global Education USA Montana USA Redlands USA Suny Fredonia USA Berkeley