What our centers say

Photo of Adriana

Adriana Cuella Rio from Oxford High School

“As a teacher I can say that I have learned so many issues that can help me and my students to better understand the way ESL can help you to expand your view on life.”

“The GAC is a program that helps students to deal with their skills and to use them as tools that can be very helpful to be competitive in the working world, because they are learning how to use their skills to improve in any area of knowledge in every subject they take. Here in Oxford High School we think that GAC opens doors to a future full of success!” Adriana Cuellar Río
GAC Director of Studies,
Oxford High School, Monterrey, Mexico

Image of Peter Baker

Peter Baker from Singapore International School, Saigon South, Vietnam

“Singapore International School at Saigon South in Ho Chi Minh City adopted the GAC University Foundation Program in 2007 as the final step in the study pathway offered to our students before they go to study in international universities. ”

“My staff and I have been impressed with the GAC program and the outstanding results achieved by our students. It is a well-structured core curriculum that provides a high degree of rigor and prepares students well for the challenges of independent study and time management at university level. The variety of assessment tasks provides students with the skills required to undertake further education in an English medium university. As well, students develop strategies to work independently and in group situations. ”

“Implementing the GAC Program has been a professionally rewarding experience for my staff. There is a good level of on-going professional support available for staff. The assessment processes of double-marking by teachers and responding to moderation processes provide teachers with opportunities for professional discussion and growth. ”

“The GAC sets a high benchmark for students with 55% as the pass mark for all assignments and tests. Our students have certainly grown in their confidence and competence as students as a result of the GAC program. Similarly, my staff have grown as professionals who are highly respected by their students.” Peter Baker, Supervisory Principal
Singapore International School, Saigon South, Vietnam

Photo of Ke Song

Ke Song, Director, Kunming Foreign Language School GAC Center

“Three years ago I returned to China after several years studying and working in the United States, and since then I have been running Kunming Foreign Language School GAC Center. With this experience of operating the GAC, including but not limited to marketing, teaching, managing, and new teachers’ training, I believe that the GAC program is indeed an excellent and essential preparation for Chinese high school graduates prior to their western higher education.” Ke Song, Director, Kunming Foreign Language School GAC Center

What our students say

Photo of Le Luo

Ke Luo, GAC graduate, who received offer letters from 4 universities

“Life is composed of dreams and unknowns which are related to our actions. My goal is to study biomedical science at a university in America. The GAC offers us a very good environment where we can speak English every day, communicate with foreigners, and get acquainted with the western educational system. Your participation in class and study skills determine your final grades, which is similar to the western educational system. As Neil, my foreign teacher, said ‘When you get your school assignment, you should concentrate on finishing it first and hand it in on time. Don’t finish your tasks at the last minute.’”

“The GAC teaches many study skills of the western educational system, which is good preparation for your overseas study. Finally, I would like to thank all my GAC teachers at Guangxi University for Nationalities, who worked hard to teach the skills needed and helped me apply to universities. Thank you all!” Ke Luo, GAC graduate

Ke Luo received offer letters from the following universities:

  • Pennsylvania State University, University Park (Ranked 47th in the U.S. by U.S. News)
  • University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (Ranked 64th in the U.S. by U.S. News)
  • Purdue University-West Lafayette (Ranked 56th in the U.S. by U.S. News)

“The GAC program taught me in advance academic skills and essential study skills that are important for my future studies. The GAC also taught me about what will I learn [at] university and made me ready to face the global challenges that may exist in the future. I will recommend this program because I have gained a great number of benefits from it.” Velusomaz, now at The University of New South Wales, Australia.
“I learned many things in the GAC program. I learned how to study, how to manage my time, how to do a good oral presentation, how to write a good essay and I gained many benefits from the GAC that I can use in the future. Some of them are how to do oral presentations, make business plans and write a curriculum vitae in English. I also learned many detailed things in business that I can use if I enter [a] business course in university. Moreover, I also learned how to use references well and how to identify the reliability of a source.” Jessica Tanutama, now at ERC Institute, Singapore.