Where can I study the GAC?

Approved Teaching Centers (ATCs) can be found in more than ten countries including Bahrain, Canada, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. They are carefully selected by ACT Education Solutions, Limited (AES) for their quality of teaching and their dedication to their students' needs. All teaching centers employ qualified English speaking staff who attend regular training sessions conducted by AES's Regional Academic Managers to ensure that you receive quality classroom teaching.

In addition, your ATC will provide you with academic counseling and enrollment guidance during the program.

All ATCs meet the standards demanded by AES and are continually monitored via ongoing quality assurance reviews. This ensures that the quality of teaching and assessment is consistent around the world.

Find an Approved Teaching Center.

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements are different for each country in which the Global Assessment Certificate™ program is taught. For detailed information on these requirements, please contact your nearest Approved Teaching Center.

Photo of teacher training

Students at Zibo Experimental High School and GAC Class at Crown Education Center, Myanmar