How is the GAC delivered?

A key feature of the Global Assessment Certificate™ program is that it can be delivered in different modes.

Sample mode of delivery

  Standard full-time mode
Level I 12 weeks, plus one week’s break
Level II 12 weeks, plus one week’s break
Level III 12 weeks

The GAC can be delivered full-time, or part-time as a concurrent co-curriculum with the high school curriculum. The circumstances of each school are unique so it may be possible for students to complete the GAC differently from the sample mode shown in the table. The advantage of the part-time mode is that students are able to study components of the GAC at the same time as they study their high school curriculum. This means that when they receive their high school diploma, they also graduate from the GAC and have an ACT score.

GAC academic staff work with each center to design an individualized program of delivery, taking each school’s circumstances into consideration. Due to the flexibility of delivery modes, the GAC can be adapted to suit the school’s needs.