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我们的 英语课程(ELP) 为学生进修英语做好准备。

我们的 全球评估证书课程(Global Assessment Certificate®) 是大学预科课程,采用全英语的教学与评估方式。


UK higher education organisation has published information on the Global Assessment Certificate™ program (GAC)

24th February: UCAS, the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service in the United Kingdom, is a central source of information and advice about studying in higher education in the United Kingdom. It provides Qualification Information Profiles (QIPs) to advise universities in the UK. ACT Education Solutions Ltd. (AES) is pleased to announce that, commencing in 2017, UCAS has added information on the GAC program in the Australia section of its QIP information:   This information will assist UCAS and universities to assess the GAC accurately when evaluating an application.

How to apply to universities in the UK